Optimize your algorithm

Coaching for Peak Performance.

Do you want to become an engineer's engineer?

Ship projects that amaze people?

Build software you can be really proud of?

Make more money?

Get the best job offers and titles?

Earn respect as a leader?

Coaching for peak performance and engineering excellence will get you noticed by other technical experts, recognized as a leader, and open endless doors to raises and promotions. As a software developer, competency is the key to success and growth.

Most Developers Struggle With:

Cultivating a valuable skill-set, meaning they lack the expertise to ship amazing software that delights customers and makes money.

Knowing what to focus on to achieve their career objectives and personal goals.

Having no source of guidance to help them find the right path.

How it Works

I use a 1-on-1 goal-oriented coaching model known as the GROW framework.

Through customized, personal mentoring we'll explore your dreams, objectively assess your current reality, design an action plan suited to fit your unique circumstances, and then add accountability structures to keep you on track to reaching your peak performance.

Let's get to know each other!

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